The Test Run Proved It Works Better With Two

When it comes to planning a wedding, stationaries probably take a close second after the dress at the head of a bride. And for many guests, they are the previews of the upcoming wedding. The card save-the-date for the actual invitation, response card, or the map, they all reflect the tastes and personalities of the wedding couple. In fact, the tone of the wedding is set once the invitations dropped. No wonder many couples refuse to skim off the budget, when it comes to wedding stationaries.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford custom letterpress invitations designed. And that is understanable since they can range in price from expensive to outrageous. So what are the rest of us to do if we don’t want to break the Bank?

You can do a lot with your homemade wedding invitations to make even simple cardstock stand out and look like its expensive alternatives.

Personally, I think it’s as easy as good typography which was used in these wedding invitations and in fact, often add a personal touch that is memorable to your guests without the high price.

But make your own invitations can be stressful. And if I’m not creative enough? Where can I find fonts that fit in my budget? And more importantly, where you will find time to cut, paste, fold, stamp, punch and assemble the darn thing together without losing sleep or sanity? Well, there are three keys points that I have found helpful in my research. And I also have a little experience crafting invitations for parties in the past which was helpful.

Be Realistic About Your Invitations

If you absolutely want your wedding invitation to look a certain way and there is nothing that can change your mind, then you probably should bite the bullet and go for typography.

This is pretty much the gold standard, and when you purchase professional wedding invitations they will almost all feature some form of embossed typography.

Otherwise, try to keep an open mind in your project. If there is hope for a particular decorative item go on sale inside of his time, and can’t afford the full price, drop it! There are always alternatives. In fact, if you have several design ideas in mind when you start shopping, you’ll quickly discover the cheapest one to go with, you’re not missing anything because it is still a design you like too. In addition, you can put the money saved into something special for the guests, perhaps as wedding favors.

I loved Blonde and Balanced’s method for inexpensive, beautiful, custom wedding invitations. It was not only simple but a creative method for making the invitations look great without costing a great deal. It is definitely worth a read.

Browse Around

There are many online sites that offer galleries after galleries of professionally designed invitations. I’m not promoting piracy, but these designs can inspire you to come up with their own ideas.

It should be noted that if you are looking for invitations to use as inspiration you should know the difference between formal and informal invitations. In most cases you will want to have a formal invitation for your wedding. As you browse the examples you should look at the way the text is written. This will give you an idea of the type of invitation you are looking at. As a novice myself I found I looked for these traits in the examples: formal Invitations includes the presentation in a single sentence, third person narration. And each of the following is written in a separate line with fonts of varying sizes.

Finding Ways To Do It As A Team

I don’t want to highlight any stereotypes, but often it is seen that a bride will control everything at the wedding. That’s okay, it’s your big day and you deserve the best. But having it all on his shoulders is just too much! Try turning off load some of your other half. I’m sure he is more than happy to help as long as you provide clear instructions. Tasks like shopping for bargains online could be something that you excel at while coming up with an assembly line for the invitation could be playing in strength of a man. Let you flex your muscles while you take a break madness!

So, it’s a pretty long list, isn’t it? Well, it’s much simpler than it seems. Once you start bouncing ideas around and analyze your options, you’ll find out quickly what you need to do. Just remember, don’t over stress. Try to have some fun with this!

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